We are delighted to inform you that your company Scanlan Contracting has been selected for our first ever 'Best of TrustedPros' award for outstanding service and professionalism in the field of Basement Renovation services for 2012 in the city of Hamilton. Members that have received the most reviews with the highest ratings and fewest complaints from their client's within a specific category for 2012 were selected.
You may be asking yourself 'Why for 2012? - Isn't it a little late?' Well, we figured that it's never too late to recognize quality work and the professionalism of our members. This is something we missed the boat on during our HandyCanadian days but want to ensure you that we, as TrustedPros, will do our very best to help consumers recognize the finest professionals available to them for their most important asset - their homes.

Everyone here at TrustedPros would like to congratulate you on your award and hope Scanlan Contracting continues to provide trusted and professional services to all your current and future clients.

Best Regards,


Hello Bob,

Cindy and I want to thank you for a fantastic job all round will come highly recommended to family and friends.

Take Care,
Guy and Cindy Smith

Bob, In a word 'excellent'. In two words "just excellent'. So if you'd like please feel free to use us as a reference. allen@ is the preferred way to contact me.

As to background for interested customers of your service, we had just moved into a buy down, smaller home in preparation for retirement, only to realize that the bungalow needed a lot more work than we had
originally thought.

It also became obvious that it would take way more time than we were prepared to spend to fix it up ourselves.

So we called a few contractors and had some quotes and almost by
"happenstance" came across your website.

We liked the fact that it was a dad and son team and that you had been in business for a long time. The fact that you showed up on the appointment day; on time, listen well and had some creative ideas
worked in your favour. Particularly, in the context of us not wanting to spend a lot of money on a basement bathroom.

The references you supplied also confirmed our thoughts as to your talents, And they supported our a sense of the "real value" for the money that you guys would provide, particularly as you were not the least expensive of the folks we had contacted.

So we hired you to simply redo the basement bathroom (which turned into a gut). That bathroom (toilet, shower and vanity, plus all the walls, ceiling with pot lights and a vent fan, plus a porcelain tiled
floor) turned out really well. And you did your best to stay within budget given all the "gut work" you had to do, which was appreciated. We then asked you to rebuild the basement bedroom. Again very, very

The kitchen floor was next - take up old ceramic tiles and badly done subfloor. Replace them with a cement subfloor, lay porcelain tiles with a tight grout line. And that too looks really good. We then asked you to put porcelain tiles on the basement laundry room I was building and that looks excellent, particularly as the cement floor was not level.

Finally, we needed your talents to gut and redo the main floor bathroom, which considering all that had to be done turned out to be just incredible ... and Jason, had some excellent ideas for this bathroom and for that mater all the rooms you guys worked on.

So please use us as a reference. It would be an honor. And my wife loves you guys.

Allen Jones

Good morning,
I am a previous client of yours that had her front porch redone. I was very impressed by your workmanship and professionalism that I would like to get an estimate on you possibly installing laminate/hardwood flooring in my kitchen and two bedrooms. The best time to contact me is at home after 7pm during the week or on the weekends.
I will wait for your response.

Thank you,
Allison Binns

Bob and Judy Smith - Oakville

Anthony and Alesya - Dundas

Guy and Cindy Smith - Bathroom Renovation